Solve The Rubik Cube To Sharpen 6 World Skills

DURATION 2 days, 9am to 1pm PURPOSE In a fast-paced 21st century, a typical day in the life of most professionals is about encountering planned/unplanned permutations of tasks, activities, outcomes, and deftly tackling them. Your action-packed days can oscillate from excellent to awful by the hour! This course presents you with a thrilling hands-on experience at deftly tackling quintillions of permutations of the Rubik's cube and solving it skillfully! It is suitable for professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs typically over 21 years of age who have the curiosity and desire to learn, upskill and grow. BENEFIT Learners will be able to confidently: Solve the Rubik Cube Sharpen Six World Skills, namely: 1. Systems Analysis and Design 2. Analytical Thinking 3. Reasoning and Problem Solving 4. Technology Design and Programming 5. Judgement and Decision Making 6. Critical Thinking PRE-REQUISITE Learners need to have a good quality 3 x 3 Rubik's cube, paper, and pen/pencil for taking down some notes that may be handy for the experiential tasks.

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What you'll learn


Learn – To solve the Rubik cube that has over 43 Quintillion (43 x 10^18 ) ways to scramble


Upskill – To sharpen 6 world skills immensely useful in personal life & in-demand industry opportunities


Win - Praise from colleagues, family, friends, & professionals in your network


Get – Yourself tons of material to ponder, asides a merit certificate of pride


Prime – Learning from an experienced 30+yrs industry pro!

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Very good. Happy to learn this....need to practice this regularly so that i am able to solve it without any help.

Sachin Chaskar



The course is very simplified, steps are explained with details. Perfect for beginners.

Beenal Shah



For Students the course "Solving The Rubik's Cube, Sharpening 6 World Skills", is very needy and useful. Sir explained all the thinking in a good way....Read more

Mangesh Balasaheb Lad

Engineering Graduate


Mr. Sunil Tatkar is well known to me. He was a student of mine. Even as a student, he exhibited a passion for ‘thinking out of the box’. He is very in...Read more

Smt. Panicker Sarala Narendran

Recipient of The National Teachers Award (Public Recognition of Meritorious Teachers) from Hon. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th President of India.

Course Plan


Day 1, 4 Hours

You will be introduced to the purpose of this exciting course, the step-by-step hands-on experiential approach to learning, its value in personal and professional life as well as sharpening your world skill of Systems Analysis & Evaluation. You will learn step 1-2-3 of solving the Rubik's Cube hands-on and sharpen your world skills of analytical thinking, reasoning & problem solving.


Day 2, 4 Hours

You will learn step 4-5-6 to solve the Rubik Cube and sharpening your world skills of Judgement & Decision Making, Technology Design & Programming and Critical Thinking

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